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about a5 boys

Welcome to A5 BOYS VOLLEYBALL! We are a competitive junior boys’ volleyball club based out of Roswell, GA. Our club offers opportunities for athletes to train, travel, and compete with, and against, some of the best in the country. With a high level of focus on culture, we pride ourselves in teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.  We are excited to begin our 2020-2021 season in our new home…The A5 Sportsplex! 













The "A" in our name stands for Atlanta and the "5" refers to our five core values, or the "5 C's:"


1. Character Driven: We focus on key character traits that help define a person as he or she grows, including: integrity, intensity, teamwork, leadership, discipline, courage and sportsmanship.


2. Consistent Coaching: We offer a club environment where coaching is consistent from the first time a player enters a gym at the age of 8 through when he or she graduates from high school. This club insists on uniformity throughout the coaching process and mandatory coaching clinics for all head coaches and assistant coaches. Our coaching staff will continue to update themselves on the most current techniques and strategies used by top coaches in the game, and Master Coaches will be responsible for leading many of the practices and mentoring newer coaches and assistant coaches.


3. Community Involvement: All of our teams are encouraged to give back to the community by undertaking a community service project that may or may not have anything to do with volleyball.


4. Communication: From club leadership to parents, from coaches to players, we strive to maintain consistent and open dialogue about each athlete’s path. “Our doors are always open” is our motto, recognizing that communication is foundational to the development of every individual at A5.


5. Club Unity and Organization: We aspire to run a well organized club, including tryouts, practices, tournaments, social events and overall administration.

We know that the minute our organization focuses just on volleyball is the day that we begin a slide toward mediocrity. We take our mission statement - "Teaching Life Lessons Through the Sport of Volleyball" - seriously and will always emphasize hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, honor, character development and doing the right thing over "W's and L's", for we know that if we focus on imparting those important life skills to our athletes, winning will take care of itself.


a5 boys news





A5 Boys Volleyball is searching for Elite level coaches!


• You will be provided with the foundation and support that is needed for you and your team to grow.

• You will be given the flexibility to coach and run practices for what is specifically best for you and your team while still aligning with A5 Boys Volleyball strategies and beliefs.

• Competitive Compensation.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – your passion for volleyball and the opportunity to help our youth grow and develop not only into ELITE volleyball players, but also AMAZING people!

All interested coaches should send a copy of their resume to





Here is a complete list of the Camps and Clinics that will be offered at the A5 Sportsplex.    To schedule, contact Scott Cioffari at  For  lessons that run year-round, CLICK HERE!

Note: All summer camps and clinics will include internal tryout evaluations.  Tryouts for A5 will be on September, 2023 for all age groups* More Camps coming soon! 



Spring/Summer Training Packets

A5 Beach is thrilled to offer an inaugural boys program in the 2022-23 season! 

The A5 Boys Beach Program is designed for middle and high school athletes looking to learn the game of beach or indoor athletes looking to enhance and sharpen their fundamentals in the game.  Packages are on a monthly basis - athletes can choose to practice 1x or 2x a week each month. 
Practice Schedule:

  • Mondays from 5-7pm at Fetch Park Alpharetta

  • Fridays from 7-9pm at Alpharetta Beach

Sessions are built on a monthly basis and will adhere to the practice schedule above. Feel free to sign up for one, or both days, for each month below. Session costs are $140 for 1x per week, $280 for 2x per week. 

Session Dates

The session duration for each month is as follows:


June - Monday, June 5th - Friday, June 30th


July - Monday, July 3rd - Friday, July 28th



Thanks for submitting!

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