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James Robinson credits his love for youth to the fact that he raised five of his own children. His house has always been the place where kids would come to hang out or watch sporting events while raiding his refrigerator.


James was almost always the tallest kid in his school, so people assumed he played sports. On the contrary, he was an honors musician and enjoyed theater arts. The only time he was on the Football Field was when he was Drum Major for his band and directing the Halftime Show. It wasn't until college that he truly started to enjoy being on the football field or the basketball court and working out.


It seems that genetic athleticism has somehow been passed down to his children. James' daughter, Deja, played at A5 Volleyball Club from 2015 to 2018. He now also has two children, Demi (9) and Donovan (11), who are entering their second year at playing for A5. Deja was part of the Historic 16-Gabe Team that won AAU Open Nationals and USAV Open Nationals a couple days later in 2016. This is where James' love for volleyball started. He would frequently attend her practices and always look for ways to help her improve along the way. This continued as she went on to play Division 1 Volleyball at Mississippi State University, where she broke many records and earned SEC Honors. He found himself learning the game and finding ways to heighten his court IQ in hopes that one day he’d be able to coach.  


What is James' coaching philosophy? James believes that whenever an athlete steps foot into the gym that they should always give it their absolute best. He will push them to communicate, whether they are on the court or on the bench, and to be great teammates. He believes that consistency and dedication will help elevate average players above those just with natural talent alone. He has had success coaching girls and boys in basketball at the youth level, and he's certain that this will also translate now that he is a coach with A5 Volleyball Club.


James is excited to be an Assistant Coach for the 13-1 Boys team alongside Coach Miguel and will strive to not only make the boys better athletes but also better individuals!

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